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Sheetal Bhagat Recognized by Martha Stewart

Spice Note Founder Featured on

Spice Note Tequila founder and former MasterChef contestant Sheetal Bhagat was highlighted as one of eight female innovators behind American-made food and beverage brands in the "Meet the Women Behind Eight American Food Brands" feature on Martha Stewart's website. Spice Note Tequila Founder Photo Credit: Tara White
Spice Note Staff
June 25, 2019
Spice Note Tequila - 2018 Tastings Gold Rating

Spice Note Tequila Wins Gold

Tastings, the Beverage Testing Institute's hub offering impartial reviews of wine, beer and spirits for consumers, tasted Spice Note Cinnamon Infused Tequila and Spice Note Cumin Infused Tequila on April 19th, recognizing both spirits in the 2018 Internation Review of Spirits with a Gold Medal, granting them "Exceptional" status. Tastings…
Spice Note Staff
April 19, 2018
Sheetal Bhagat with Dane Neal, WGN Radio

WGN Radio Chats With Spice Note

Spice Note Tequila founder Sheetal Bhagat joined WGN Radio's Dane Neal to talk about the new line of tequilas. Sheetal discussed her inspiration behind infusing tequilas with flavors like cumin and cinnamon.
Spice Note Staff
December 30, 2017